Biomechanical Report

Biomechanical reports deal mainly with the stresses and movements experienced by vehicle occupants as a result of traffic accidents. The accident reconstructionist determine the load characteristics which prevailed in this accident.

On this basis, the physician assess the probability of injury as a result of the accident sequence analyzed, the seat position and the physiological characteristics of the occupant.

One focus of the report deals with the biomechanics of whiplash injuries, the so-called whiplash injury. It is striking that vehicle occupants complain of symptoms of the cervical spine in the course of a traffic accident, even though the damage be due to the accident-involved vehicles in the so-called minor loss field.

The biomechanical load on the occupant can be calculated from the damage to the vehicle and the impetus constellation of vehicles. The key value here is the change in velocity during the collision, and not the absolute speeds of the vehicles. By comparing the results with results from individual trials, a statement can be made to the probability of occurrence of a neck injury.

For serious road accidents the interdisciplinary cooperation between the technical and medical experts is needed.