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Car value reports

On behalf of the courts, government agencies, businesses and individuals, we determine the value of vehicles after the system Schwacke. The vehicle evaluation is based on recognized criteria. Depending on the request of our client the following values ??of the vehicle can be determined:

  • Replacement value
  • Value
  • Wholesale Purchasing value
  • Wholesale sales value

On behalf of banks and leasing companies, we determine the value of the vehicle after the expiration of leases and financing contracts.
On behalf of utility companies, we evaluate the basis of special vehicles for auction.

Vehicle evaluation

Company Car

Verification for tax authority purposes

You wish to sell a company car (for example to your daughter or to yourself)?

When selling a company car you have to book the sale as revenue and the remaining book value as an expenditure.

Removal from company books:
When you remove a car from the company books, for example make it a gift for your daughter, you must enter the actual value of the car as a fictitious income.

When doing this removal or by a sale to close relatives, the tax authorities often assume that the value you indicate is too low. Therefore do the best thing and let an engineer office for automobiles make an expertise the car’s value at the time of sale or removal.

This expertise enables you to prove the car’s value to the tax authorities so no verification problems can occur.

The Ingenierbüro Kotsikas will estimate the value of the car or make an expertise for a mutually agreed fee.

Note: The above-mentioned recommendations regarding expertise/automobile evaluation can be found in detail in special tax books!

Private car use

Determining the actual car value

You want to sell a car or buy one and do not know the actual market value?

We determine the actual value of your car for a mutually agreed upon fee.

Note: If you want to sell your own car, we can provide a number of valuable tips.