Accident reconstruction expert opinions are given by courts, prosecutors, police and insurance companies in order.
The goal is to
  • reconstruct the accident sequence
  • reconstruct the collision of the vehicles and the collision
  • determine the speed of the vehicles at the beginning of the collision
  • conduct preventability views
  • plausibly reconstruct the accident description (path-/time examination)

This is done through linking of technical facts that are collected through the monitoring of process, investigation and claim files and possibly through a visit to the accident site, the accident-involved vehicles or a comparison of the vehicles.
The analysis and simulation of the accident is performed using computerized programs. Thus the computationally intensive forward-bill has replaced the analysis of accident sequences to be performed by hand, the bill largely backward calculation (the impact speed is calculated back from the starting end positions if necessary until the braking point).


Throughout Germany you get from our UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 automotive experts RECONSTRUCTION REPORTS, the so-called accident reconstructions. The car experts from UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 are either CERTIFIED acc. DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 (Area 2: Preservation Of Evidence and Accident Reconstruction, Range 4: Damage And Assessment) or publicly appointed and sworn in. Thus, the vehicle reconstructions of UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 are acknowledged and accepted by courts in Germany as a reconstruction expert opinion.