Suspected Fraud

In reviewing the suspected fraud is fundamentally about answering three questions:
  • Can the damage to vehicles or objects - as submitted - have been caused?
  • Adjust the alleged damage to the presented accident sequence?
  • Is the described sequence technically plausible?
In these accidents the whole spectrum of road traffic accidents and the possibility of the occurrence of vehicle damage is covered.
The following main groups have emerged:
An attempt is made
  • to regulate existing damage to the vehicles (eg vandalism) by the general third party liability insurance (eg of a friend) with invented damage portrayal,
  • to extend in an accident caused damage through manipulation,
  • to take advantage of an accident by useing existing old claims to be declared as accident-related damage
  • to cause agreed upon accidents or to fake accidents
  • to take advantage of confusing traffic situations or locations to provoke a traffic accident.