Kasko Reports (own fault)

Your own insurance regulates the damage (partial or full collision coverage)

You have damages resulting from an accident to your collision-insured automobile (full or partial coverage) and it involves:

  • an accident you caused
  • a hit and run accident (you don’t know who caused the damages to your car)
  • weather damages (for example, hail)
  • breaking and entering
  • an accident with animals (deer, etc.)

Our tip: ask your insurance if UNFALLGUTACHTEN24, the independent and unaffiliated appraisal organization acting throughout Germany, can do the collision expertise for you. One of our experts (Kfz Sachverständiger) will help you to solve your issue.

In such cases, first inform your insurance. Collision damages are paid by your insurance.

They are also empowered, i.e., you must follow their instructions. For example, have an appraisal or cost estimate done by one of their cooperating partners.

We guarantee our customers objective and impartial work since we do not have any cooperation agreements with insurance companies.