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Engineers, qualified

experienced, independent, more than 20 years experience, available throughout Germany.

Always 100% vehicle appraisal (Kfz Gutachten, Unfallgutachten, Schadengutachten) which means acc. to our definition you get the full damage of your car (=100% damage) documented in our vehicle appraisal! We are totaly independent from insurances. So you get best results due to our experience (over 20 years). What our customers say about us, the car experts from UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG: If you want the best result in your accident appraisal you should choose the best educated car appraiser (e.g. engineer or Meister is top level of education in the vehicle appraisal business) and of course with the maximum possible experience.

A car appraisal for an accident (Unfallgutachten) is always an estimate. It is in the hands of the vehicle appraiser to conduct a 100% appraisal or just a 50% or 60% appraisal. If you want a 100% job done, make sure you choose the best car appraiser (Kfz Sachverständiger) for your car accident who ist qualified, experienced and independent. How to find him? That is not easy.

Ask yourself the question: If your vehicle appraiser (Kfz Gutachter) is on the payroll of the insurance or is dependent on the insurance, will he not be forced to keep his estimate result (Autogutachten, Unfallgutachten, Schadengutachten) lower than your damage actually is in order to fulfill the rules and instructions of the paying insurance?

We, the car experts from UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG say clearly: Not with us! We do not work for car insurances!! We just focus on facts and damage. Our target is always 100% damage. So you find always 100% of your damage in our appraisals throughout Germany due to our german-wide internal quality standard from UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG. Our customers say, we meet our target.

The principle of our automotive expert organization UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 since 1999:

Throughout Germany you will get our 100% neutral automotive expertises, car accident reports and car appraisals, because we are since 1999 (the company foundation of UNFALLGUTACHTEN24) guaranteed NO dependent contractor of insurances. It is 100% damage of your car what you will find in our car appraisal and not the wish of any insurance. And we do this throughout Germany, you get always the same quality and standards wherever you are in Germany. Our experts have the experience and they are high qualified so that they can conduct a 100% appraisal acc. to the internal UNFALLGUACHTEN24 AG requirements.

And the best thing for you is: Our appraisals are free of charge if your opponent is 100% to blame for the accident.

Hotline: Call 069-9541 0180 or send us an email:

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