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WORST CAR INSURANCE GERMANY: ALLIANZ, VHV, HUK-Coburg. list of bad car insurances

Continuation of the article:

According to 72% of the 1072 lawyers surveyed, the regulatory behavior has worsened in the last five years, and even significantly for 52%.
In particular, the processing times for auto insurance should have significantly extended. Other points of criticism are the use of delaying tactics and the increasingly frequent, mostly unjustified appearing reduction or rejection of benefits.
In the evaluation of the top 20 insurance companies with the highest turnover, 68% of traffic lawyers stated that HUK COBURG Versicherung had "frequent" problems with the regulation of liability claims. Behind them are the VHV Versicherung (46%) and the ALLIANZ Versicherung (44%).

In the category of processing times, the ALLIANZ Versicherung scored the worst. 50% of the lawyers surveyed believe that it often leads to unreasonably long processing times. This is followed by HUK-Coburg Versicherung (36%) and VHV Versicherung (33%).

Note from UNFALLGUTACHEN24: HUK COBURG Versicherung also includes the HUK24 Versicherung and Bruderhilfe Versicherung; VHV Versicherung includes Hannoversche Versicherung, ALLIANZ Versicherung includes ALLSECUR Versicherung).


According to our internal UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 studie, the following car insurance companies are as well among the worst car insurances in Germany: GENERALI Versicherung, WGV Versicherung, WÜRTTEMBERGISCHE Versicherung, SPARKASSENVERSICHERUNG

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