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As a summary on the question of who pays the appraiser: There are self-inflicted accidents and no fault accidents.

If your opponent is guilty of the accident, your opponent or his insurance pays all costs, ie your damage, your vehicle appraisal, your lawyer, etc. This is stated in German law in §249 BGB.

Our car experts (Kfz Sachverständiger) will conduct your appraisal (Unfallgutachten or Schadengutachten) and send it directly to the car insurance so they can pay your damage to you. If you need support from our accident experts, please contact us. Do not forget, you have always the right to engage a lawyer to settle the accident for you without paying his cost. The insurance has  to pay your lawyer.

Our fast and excellent service is well known in Germany. Ask for our free of charge lawyer service support.

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