Article 9 - Car glass

Windshield STONE HIT or CRACK in the windshield, what to do ?!

At ABC AUTOGLAS in 65719 Hofheim you will find the solution quickly and without problems. The crack or hit in the windshield of your car is immediately repaired on site or the windshield is exchanged and you can safely continue to drive your car. Service and customer satisfaction have the highest priority at this company.

UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 makes recommendations for companies only if they meet the highest requirements and standards of quality and qualification.The company must be an ISO 9001 certified company and must work independently of insurance companies in order to offer you, as a customer, perfect products (car glass and windshields) of the highest quality. The highest technology standard decides about the product car glass that you will receive.

ABC AUTOGLAS in 65719 Hofheim, In den Nassen 5 (opposite the TÜV Service Center Hofheim) meets these requirements fully. This company is guaranteed neutral and independent and repairs windshields or replaces windshields.

We have extensively tested this company for car glass and can make a clear recommendation for this carglass company!

At ABC AUTOGLAS in Hofheim, you are always on the safe side in terms of car glass.

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