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Vehicle appraisal - fast - easy - high quality: UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG throughout Germany

We support you for free* with our car appraisals. WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT? WHO PAYS YOUR CAR ACCIDENT DAMAGE after CAR ACCIDENT ABROAD?
It is vacation time and a car accident can alway happen, even outside Germany. Our UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG car appraiser (Kfz Sachverständiger) knows what to do when you have an accident abroad and are back in Germany. We have the experience to help you solving the issue fast and easy. We conduct the vehicle appraisal (Auto Gutachten, Unfallgutachten) for your car accident
You had a car accident abroad (in a European country or Turkey or Marokko or ...)? You are back with your damaged vehicle in Germany and do not know how to proceed to get the compensation (Schadenersatz) from your opponent? We know what to do. And we will help you with our so called Unfallgutachten (vehicle appraisal).
Come to one of our UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 inspection centers (Prüfstelle für Kfz Unfallgutachten). Our Kfz Sachverständiger (vehicle appraiser) knows what to do and will support you to full extend.

GERMANY FAR we create for you as independent car appraiser the required automotive expertise or car accident appraisal for your car accident abroad. With our document/report (Kfz Gutachten, Schadengutachten, Unfallgutachten, Unfallrekonstruktion, Biomechanisches Gutachten), you can assert your claims for damages resulting from the accident damage with the foreign insurance and claim your compensation.

We find out for you which foreign car insurance is your opponent and we send the report directly there. We support you for free in technical issues wherever we can acc. to german law §249 BGB.

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* ) If you sign our order so that we can claim our costs from the opposing insurance company.

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